Dryset Pro

Dryset Pro: the heart of every Biosec

Convenient, simple and effective. With programs for all tastes.

Dryset Pro is the electronic program system we have installed on all Biosec dehydrators. The motor with Dryset Pro system enables Biosec to minimise electricity consumption and improve drying quality. Dryset Pro provides every Biosec with programs optimised for specific products and enables constant temperature monitoring and control. What’s more, for those who need more direct control, the Dryset Pro system has a programmable timer.

With Dryset Pro your Biosec has a program for everything

7 specific programs and 5 temperatures, for total control.

With the Dryset Pro system your Biosec is very user-friendly. You can select one of the programs we have created for the most common uses, such as P2 for mushrooms or thin slices. We have also catered in particular for vegans and raw foodists, by creating program P3 specifically for them. But if you want to decide for yourself, you can select a working temperature and control drying times directly.

All the Dryset Pro programs

P1 Automatic

duration: 30 hours + maintenance

The simplest, most versatile program. If you are uncertain how to proceed, you are using a Biosec for the first time or you just have a product that is so unusual that it doesn’t fit into any other category, select P1: results are guaranteed!

P2 Mushrooms and thin slices

duration: 30 hours + maintenance

Perfect for mushrooms and products to be dried in thin slices (4-6 mm), like apples, aubergines, kiwis and pineapples.

P3 BioRawism

duration: to taste, depending on requirements

Specifically developed for people who follow a healthy, raw foodist diet, with optimal conservation of the sensory qualities and nutrients of the products processed. BioRawism never exceeds an air temperature of 40°.

P4 Superhot 68°

duration: 14 hours + maintenance

The hottest program, just below cooking. If you need your dried product fast, select P4 for maximum output in minimum time. Perfect for meat, also ideal for achieving the typical crisp consistency of some products (chilli peppers, oranges, etc.).

P5 Pasta

duration: 16 hours + maintenance

A specific program for drying fresh pasta. The level of dryness desired must however be checked carefully each time and for each different recipe.

P6 Economy

duration: to taste, depending on requirements

Intended for those who have the environment or electricity costs in mind, or just have lots of appliances in operation. Slightly longer drying times will correspond to more than proportional savings. Also capable for campsites, motorhomes or hotels.

P7 Silent

duration: 48 hours + maintenance

The most suitable program for use overnight or for all those who use Biosec in workplaces, for keeping noise to a minimum. Try it, as well, for all tiny light products (saffron, small leaves, etc.) which might blow away with other programs.

Temperatures: total control

For all those who want more control over temperature selection, Biosec also offers programs T1 to T5, which guarantee working temperatures between 20°C and 60°C. Programs T1 to T5 function intelligently, alternating periods of operation with intervals of cold ventilation to ensure the best result. In addition, they do not have time limits: Biosec must be stopped when the required drying level is reached.


Many dehydrators on the market today use a vertical air flow, moving upward from the bottom. The limitation of these devices is that the air circulated through the interior becomes saturated with moisture when it meets the first trays and carries the water thus acquired towards the top trays, preventing the products higher up from drying properly and thus making it necessary to swap the positions of the baskets very often, as otherwise the products at the top may turn mouldy and the ones at the bottom may be scorched.
Another problem of the vertical flow design is the “barrier” effect if too many products are loaded in the bottom trays. The air will be unable to pass through the initial layers properly, and the products in them must therefore be arranged more sparsely, wasting space.
Tauro has overcome these problems by designing horizontal flow dehydrators: with this system, the air reaches all the material in the dehydrator in the same way and at the same time, and also both above and below the tray, for the most uniform processing times and final product yields. What’s more, this design allows the material to be arranged to make full use of the tray surface area, without restricting the air flow in any way, and also means that different products can be dried simultaneously: aromas and fragrances will not be mixed, and you will be able to use your dehydrator’s capacity to the full.

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