What are Biosec's vital statistics?
Your home dehydrator is available in two different sizes: 27x27x45cm (the small versions, B5, B5S and B6) or 27x27x82 cm (the large versions, B10, B10S and B12).
No version weighs more than 10 kilos when empty.
Is Biosec guaranteed?
Of course, in accordance with legal requirements, all our dehydrators have a warranty of 2 years if purchased by ordinary consumers or one year if purchased by a business (with VAT number). Whatever the problem, we repair or replace the damaged part and return your appliance directly to your home address.
What's the difference between the plastic and steel versions of Biosec?
All Biosec models have the same motor: this guarantees you the same effectiveness and outstanding results with any product in the range. Both food-approved plastic and stainless steel models hold EC certification for use with products for human consumption.
In addition, the all-steel De Luxe versions provide more trays in the same tunnel, so with the same overall dimensions you will have 6 trays instead of 5 or 12 instead of 10 (in the long version). What’s more, the mesh in stainless steel trays is denser, and is recommended for processing very small products which might slip through from one tray to the next in the plastic version, which has larger holes.
How much electricity does my Biosec use?
Biosec’s motor is specially designed to optimise electricity use in all circumstances, and even has a specific energy saving program. It uses so little power, you can forget it is in operation and use your other household appliances in the usual way.
As the technical data specify, the peak consumption of the Biosec motor is 550 W: this refers to a level only reached when your motor is heating to the highest limits and the fan is at top speed. At all other times, Biosec consumes varying amounts of electricity, fluctuating from 15W to about 300W, depending on room temperature, the program selected and the current program phase.
Is Biosec noisy? Will it emit moisture into my home and cause mould?
Biosec is much quieter than an ordinary dishwasher. It makes about the same noise as an electric oven, sometimes even less, and it also has a special program that minimises noise output for use whenever you need to forget it’s there.
With normal room ventilation, the amount of water emitted by Biosec does not cause any problems of moisture accumulation, mould or discharged humidity.
Is my Biosec made from safe, certified construction materials? Do the plastics contain BPA or phthalates?
Biosec is made from the best food-approved materials, and the plastic models are free from BPA and phthalates, which in any case could never become harmful at a dehydrator’s operating temperatures.
Every component has EC certification for use with products for human consumption, and our offices will be happy to send you a copy of the documentation to provide you with guarantees that our products are completely safe and suitable.
My Biosec smells! What should I do?
As we just explained, Biosec is made from the best food-approved materials, free from BPA and phthalates, which in any case could never become harmful at a dehydrator’s operating temperatures.
However, the industrial production processes of the plastics (in the Domus and Silver lines) and the motor fans (in all models) may use finishing products with a fragrance some find unpleasant, or it may simply take a few hours for the typical smell of raw materials to be dispersed.
Just run the motor for a few hours (we recommend P6 Economy mode) to completely remove every trace of a smell. Also remember that the trays should be washed before Biosec is used for the first time.
Why does Biosec have a horizontal air flow direction?
As explained in greater detail in the specific section, the horizontal flow allows the air to reach all the trays in almost exactly the same way, so you can fill them to full capacity, with no need to leave parts of trays empty, and never waste space.
What’s more, the horizontal flow guarantees uniform drying and spares you the bother of swapping the trays around, as well as enabling you to dry different products at the same time: thanks to this design principle, there is no exchange or mingling of smells inside the tunnel.
How should I store a product once it's been dried? Do I have to vacuum pack it?
No, vacuum packing is not the only way to conserve dried foods, although it is definitely the most space-saving one.
Glass jars with screw or snap-on tops are fine and are on sale in all supermarkets, and you have only to close them again carefully whenever they are opened. In general, dried products must be stored protected from damp, light and insects, and placed in the dark in a cupboard.
How long can a dried product be kept?
Drying gives us a product which can last for more than a year if it is stored in a sealed container and protected from light (such as in glass jars in a cupboard).
Are the trays dishwasher-safe?
Yes, all Biosec trays, whether in food-approved plastic or stainless steel, can normally be washed in a dishwasher. For plastic versions, we recommend placing trays on the upper rack: the flow of hot air in the drying programs of almost all dishwashers reaches much higher temperatures than those inside Biosec, and it could cause plastic trays to warp slightly.
I want to extend my Biosec: do I need any special tools to add an additional module to my dehydrator?
No, just place the dehydrator and the add-on module side by side.
If I add an additional module, will the products furthest from the motor take longer to dry?
Our motors are specially designed to dry up to two long tunnels (with 10 or 12 trays) without any problems. There may be a minimal difference in drying times with extremely watery products, but if you are in a great hurry you can overcome even this small gap by moving the motor to the other end of the two tunnels about halfway through the drying time: this is why Biosec is symmetrical and the motor can be fitted at either end.
Can I use Biosec outdoors? Can I use it in an enclosed space?
Like all household appliances, Biosec can be damaged by the weather and direct exposure to sunlight. For correct use of your dehydrator, it should be placed in a sheltered location which is not too damp (not in bathrooms, cellars or laundries) or too small (don’t shut it into places the size of a cupboard) to allow effective air exchange and satisfactory dispersal of the moisture expelled.
What’s more, like all electrical devices, Biosec must be kept away from water.
Can I dry different products at the same time? Do I have to load all my Biosec's trays for the process to work correctly?
Biosec works perfectly even with only one full tray; you can fill as many or as few as you like.
However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t optimise space by also drying different products in different trays: due to the horizontal flow, you can be sure there will be no mingling of aromas and fragrances. In this case, though, take care to place the most watery foods at the bottom, to choose a program suitable for all the types of foods to be processed, and to check the drying progress from time to time.
Where can I purchase my home dehydrator?
Our website offers you a convenient, simple on-line store service which covers almost all European countries and many non-EU states. You can purchase your dehydrators directly and pay by bank transfer or credit card (Paypal circuit).
Shipping costs depend on the country where you are located. If you prefer to see your Biosec for yourself before purchasing it, select your Country in the Points of Sale section and check whether there is a distributor in your State.

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